Implants vs. Dentures - Falmouth, MA

Traditional Dentures or Implant Supported Dentures: Which Best Meets Your Needs?

  • Diet and Nutrition – eat a wider variety of foods and improve nutritional intake
  • Esthetics – restore facial contours and appearance with lifelike replacement teeth
  • Self-Confidence – improve how you feel about yourself
  • Speaking Ability – speak clearly, and smile and laugh confidently

I have a lot of patients that they complain about their dentures not fitting anymore or since day one they hated the experience, but they didn’t have any options before. Fortunately for them now we have dental implants and nowadays the standard of care is to add implants under those dentures so that it will stabilize them.
Dr. Addas

Dental Solutions for Missing Teeth

  • Multi-Specialty Group Practice – our team of board certified specialists and skilled general dentist can meet all of your needs under one roof
  • Full-Scope Implant Practice – we can complete the entire implant procedure in-house, from surgery to restoration
  • Minimally Invasive Approach – we use the latest in advanced technology to ensure the precision results and minimally invasive care
  • Lifelike Esthetics – we partner with a professional lab to create replacement teeth that rival natural teeth in appearance
  • Advanced Training and Experience – we complete an average of 30 continuing education hours each year and have over 26 years of practice experience

Let us help determine if dentures or implant supported dentures are right for you.