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End Tooth Pain with Specialized Root Canal Care

"We always try to save the natural teeth if we can. -
-Dr. Kayali"

  • Tooth Pain – a dull or consistent toothache is a common symptom of infected teeth
  • Swelling – swelling in the face or gums, or pimple-like lesions on the gums, often occur when teeth are infected
  • Pressure – infection that spreads to the bone may cause a feeling of pressure in the jaw
  • Sensitive Teeth – infected teeth are frequently sensitive to hot and cold temperatures
  • Bad Breath – infection-causing oral bacteria produce malodor in the mouth
  • General Illness – general malaise, swollen lymph nodes and fever may result from infected teeth
  • No Symptoms – for some patients, infected teeth exhibit no obvious symptoms

Treatment of an abscessed teeth

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